About The Artist
I was born in 1970 and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. I had an affinity for drawing since I was less than a year old. Old enough to hold a crayon and not eat it, so I'm told. I could be set down with paper and a writing utensil and be happy for hours. Things haven't changed much.

I graduated in 1988 from Harding High School and in 1992 from the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul with a BFA in Communication Design. I was lucky enough to earn a full scholarship for my senior year. And in the fall of '92 I was married to my WONDERFUL supportive husband Brian and took on the last name of Michaud (pronounced Mish-aad). I worked in book publishing for 14 years doing art direction and design but when we had our first and currently only child in 2000 things changed. He has been the light of our life and what caused me to explore avenues into being able to work from home.

I now live only 11 miles from where I grew up with my husband and son in Cottage Grove MN, a suburb of St. Paul. I don't currently own any horse but did for a short time in 2003 and discovered ownership where I had to board miles away and having a child wasn't for me. But I adore them, always have and am pleased as punch to be able to dwell on them day and night as a profession combining my talents and loves. "Held to a Higher Standard" is not only my new mantra and tag line but how I live my life! What you see in the photos on my site is just the tip of the iceburg as to what you will experience in real life!

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