Winner's Circle - Part 3
Check out how Studio Michaud horses are doing in the show ring!


owned by Heather Roell

Rose "Mini Nahar" resin

Colorado State Live '06
Overall Show Grand Champ


owned by Julie Pritchard

Eberl "Scampolo" resin

Old Oak Farm Show
AR Sport Div. Res. Champ
AR Workmanship Champ
AR Overall Res. Champ


owned by Daphne Mazuz

Minkiewicz "Otto" resin

NAN '06
top 10: Pony Type-Shetland/Welsh
Unsure of show
1st in British Pony


owned by Kat Bailey

Cantrell "Rav. Ronald" resin

        1st in Heavy Horse
        Overall Resin Champ
        Overall Show Grand Champ


GC Mischevious Intentions

owned by Vicky Douglass

Lermond "Ostentatious" resin


Sir Galahad

owned by Julie Pritchard

Cantrell "Crusher" resin

    Old Oak Farm Show
        1st in Other Performance
        2nd in English Performance
        Other Perf. Div. Champ
        Overall Perf. Res. Champ


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